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Tips to Write an SEO Friendly Article

tips to write an seo friendly article

SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, has many ways to achieve higher rankings. Besides link building, meta descriptions, and trying to do the right keyword research, a huge part of SEO lies in your web pages’ content. When you search for SEO, you easily find that you need to “optimize your content” or have a “high-quality content”. But how do you do this? By making your articles SEO friendly. Here are all the tips you need to write an SEO friendly article.

SEO Friendly Content

When we’re talking about SEO friendly content, we mean everything inside the webpage but, most importantly, the blog posts and articles. And what exactly is SEO friendly content? Depending on the type of content, SEO friendly means optimized and quality content. It helps the search engines to recognize your websites and pages’ authority, which makes it get you a higher rank. To make any of your content search engine optimized, the first thing to do is using your target keywords. You don’t have to overdo, but make sure you mention it a couple of times, especially your headers. Before we dig further, let’s mention that you also need to optimize your images in your web page content, for example, making your alt tags short and explanatory would be a good beginning.

seo friendly article

How to Write an SEO Friendly Article?

We covered the basic two rules of SEO friendliness, but there is more when you are writing for SEO. Here is the way to your SEO friendly blog post.

  • To start, make sure you choose your keywords cautiously, which creates the whole base of SEO friendliness.
  • Make your articles as long as you can, but do not repeat yourself.
  • Keep your content understandable and don’t overuse passive voice.
  • Add links to associated content on your website also your previous content.
  • Write content with headlines and sub-headers.
  • Give Google SEO tools a chance. 
  • Creating FAQs will also help with SEO.
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Conclusion of Tips to Write SEO Friendly

With this short article, we gave some tips to write SEO friendly articles. There’s always more to do when it comes to SEO, but hopefully, we covered this part for you. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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Frequently Asked Questions on SEO Friendly Article

What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is when a webpage is using too much of its keywords, mostly irrelevantly, to increase their chances of getting noticed by search engines.

Is keyword stuffing bad for SEO?

It might make a mess of your optimization when you overuse your keywords. When the article includes irrelevant details and too much repetition, your authority and originality will also decrease.

What is a good SEO writing tool?

Yoast SEO for WordPress can be a good start. It tells you if your article is SEO friendly and readable, showing what is missing and other mistakes.

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