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SEO and Voice Search | How Do You Prepare for the Future of SEO?

seo and voice search

You know that with search engine optimization SEO, you can ensure that your website ranks well in search engine results. If you want to generate more website traffic and revenue, you should prefer SEO campaigns. But if you don’t have an SEO campaign for the voice search option, which has grown in popularity lately, it’s time to take action. Voice search is getting more and more popular. For this reason, if you want to be at the top of the search results and provide quality traffic to your website, you should provide voice search SEO to your website. In this way, you can ensure that your site appears in voice searches and acquire potential customers.

  • If you are wondering how to optimize for voice search, you should learn more about SEO and voice search. The article will provide you with information about SEO and voice search. With voice search, be careful not to miss the tips to rank your website in the best search results in the future.

Optimizing Voice Search for Future SEO

When looking at SEO campaigns, the same strategies are preferred for voice search. If you want your campaign to be successful while optimizing for voice search, you must have different strategies. In this way, you can effectively use voice search to attract more customers to your website and find your website for people to find online.

seo for voice search
  1. Thinking in conversation: People will often ask questions in different ways when a voice search occurs. Therefore, you can focus more on the conversation, thinking that the voice search version is longer and can be asked as a question. So when optimizing your content for voice search, you can focus on service and product questions rather than short general keywords.
  2. Thinking locally: Mobile phones are generally preferred to call places in the immediate vicinity. For this reason, you should pay attention to long-tail keywords while optimizing your website. You should also create your keywords by adding your location along with the phrases. In this way, users who are close to your location will prefer you.
  3. Optimize for position zero or featured snippet: Featured snippets and zero result positions are getting very popular. The zero position makes sorting very important for queries. You can optimize the featured snippets that result in voice search responses.
  4. Creating long-form content: Normally, creating long-form content makes a lot of sense for search results. But this also applies to voice calls. Thanks to long-form content, Google will discover you and show you in the top positions. Because long content will reveal that you are an expert. According to research, since the average page used for voice search results is around 2000 words, long-form content is preferred in voice search.
  5. You should make your content easy to understand: Users prefer content that is easy to read. Therefore, if you use complex and high-level jargon, you will not be able to rank high in voice search results. Potential customers will only prefer voice search results with clear and concise content where they can understand your product and services.
  6. You should present your answers concisely: If you are creating content around the question, your answers must be short. Voice search results will be only 29 words long. To achieve this, you can find a list of questions that searchers are likely to ask via voice search and try different versions of answers. This way, you will have a chance to stand out in voice searches.
  7. Making sure your website is responsive: Many users perform voice searches with mobile devices. Your website needs to be responsive to these searches. With a website that is sensitive to this, it will be much easier to discover your website via voice search.
  8. The Google Business Profile listing must be up-to-date: Having your account on the Google Business Profile is very important. Having visibility in GBP will give you a serious advantage for voice search. In this way, you can provide detailed information about your location, working hours, and service to users by voice search.


Voice search continues to grow in popularity. Today, people want to reach the service and product they want by preferring voice search without tiring themselves. For this reason, you should make voice search compatible with your website, which will become more important in the future. In this article, you learned the connection and possible future relationship between SEO and voice search. Be ready to capture the organic traffic and efficiency you want by applying them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Voice Search

You have discovered in the article the benefits that voice search will provide to your website with SEO optimizations. If you want to improve your website by having more information, you can review the frequently asked questions and answers below.

Why is voice search important for SEO?

With voice search, website owners will be at the forefront of providing the answers users and potential customers need. It is also possible to increase traffic to landing pages with this voice search option.

Is voice search known as the marketing of the future?

The relationship between SEO and voice search is getting more and more curious every day. According to the research, it can be seen that 71% of users prefer voice-inserted queries instead of typing. According to statistics, the convenience of voice search to users makes it stand out in search marketing. At the same time, the Future of Digital Marketing reveals Voice Search Marketing.

Can you improve your SEO and voice search?

If you want to improve SEO and voice search, you can choose:
•       You should focus on choosing question keywords and other long-tail keywords.
•       You should prefer the colloquial language in your content.
•       You should implement local SEO by prioritizing it.
•       You should focus on choosing Google-featured snippets.
•       You should prefer schema markup.
•       You should optimize for mobile devices.
•       You need to ensure that your site is fast.

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