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Clickbait: What Is It & Is It Bad for SEO?

Clickbait Is It Bad for SEO

Simply, clickbait is a trick to pull people into a specific website. These are misrepresenting content. It creates a sensation with misstatement like ‘you won’t believe that’ or ‘you will never find what happened,’ after clicking, you can’t find you wish to see.

How To Detect Clickbait?

It creates an illusion by using a charm towards low and poor content. The main goal is to increase page views instead of producing high-quality content. Therefore, they will have more revenue. However, the purpose of the clickbait detection is to detect the harmful pages, such as spam or fake web pages, blacklists of URLs, or IPs.

Tricky titles: Exaggerated headlines attract victims’ attention. These are effective titles that users can’t ignore. For instance: ‘This Is How..’,’You Can Now…’, ‘You Won’t Believe…’, or ‘The Last … You’ll Ever Need’.

Here are some examples: ‘You Will Lose Your Control and Won’t Believe…’ However, the right sentence can be ‘You Will Lose Your Contol and Won’t Believe This Cat’s Dance.’ or ‘Why We Love…’, the full sentence can be ‘Why We Love Animals, Especially Dogs?’

Effective images: People will most probably focus on images rather than misleading titles. For instance, there may be women who are dressed to kill. The photo can have flashy colors, such as red.

Is Clickbait Bad for SEO

Is Clickbait Bad for SEO?

Clickbait can solve every problem that the SEO expert may face. It can increase rankings and give you more views. On the other side, it will give more harm than good for your SEO. While it gains you a few clicks and visits, you give up the opportunity to use the keywords in your title. So, click baits can be harmful or useful; it depends on the situation. You can actually take a lesson from clickbait, and you can use these factors to improve your SEO strategy. As a result, it may become a huge threat against content marketing if you aren’t careful enough.

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Most websites on the internet use clickbait to produce high income by false pretenses. Mostly, users are disappointed because of these pages. You need to be more careful than ever not to fall into the trap. And remember that such pages always cause damage in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stop clickbait?

Unfortunately, you can not, but you can at least avoid falling into the trap. To do this, you need to distinguish it. For instance, if the title seems sensationalist, the clickbait content is probably a waste of time. Check the title, and check the link’s source.

Why is clickbait bad?

Because these are sensational and misleading content and generally do not show useful content.

Can people make money from clickbait?

If they want to do that, they need to attract users’ attention and encourage them to click as much as possible.

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