What Is Anchor Text & Is It Good for SEO?

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What Is Anchor Text

Anchor text can be defined by additional clickable text on the web page. What is the mean? It refers to another document or website on the internet. Generally, it is blue and underlined word group.

How to Add Anchor Text?

Here are a few stages of creating good anchor text;

  1. Highlight the text that you want.
  2. Tap the link icon in the toolbar and choose the Insert link option from the menu.
  3. Add your ID with the ‘#’ symbol into the URL part. It will look like #editing.
  4. Tap the blue ‘Insert’ button.

One more tip: Before publishing, make sure to preview the article to check anchor links.

Is It Good For SEO?

When you add anchor text in your content, you offer the readers instant access to the content they are looking for. Google can scan and determine the surrounding words around the text instead of reading fastly and simply. For this reason, anchor links need to be optimized to create a better experience for users.

Don’t use the links from toxic sites: Google analyze the sites you link to. Therefore, if you link to web pages that offer incorrect information or engages spam content, Google may punish you. Your aim won’t be matter; it can damage your ranking in search engine results.

Make sure anchor link’s words are relevant: One of the most critical factors for SEO strategy is relevant words in the writing. You need to make sure that the anchored words are related to the rest of the text because Google uses anchors to determine the webpages’ categories. Therefore, it can appropriately sort them based on target keyword searches. As a result, you need to choose anchor links that make sense for your content.

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Be careful about surrounding text: Google considers not only anchored text but also surrounding sentences around it. Therefore, you need to take into consideration that Google can scan all the words in the anchored text.

Anchor Text

FAQs About Anchor Text

Is anchor text important for SEO?

It offers a lot of advantages for your SEO strategy. For instance, when you use anchor text in your content, your readers find more information.

How can you optimize anchor text?

You need to make sure your keyword is placed within relevant content using relevant words.

Is there any risk of using this type of text?

You need to be careful about linking to spammy sites. Toxic and spammy sites will damage your ranking.

Anchor Text In Short

Anchor text is a visible clickable text on the page. That is often blue and underlined. It connects two different web pages on the internet. Sometimes, the download process can automatically start when clicked on it. For this reason, you need to click anchors on web pages you trust. To make sure the URL, hover over the link with your mouse but don’t click on it.

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