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How to Change the Domain Name?

How to Change the Domain Name

To change your domain name, there can be many reasons. For example, you or your customers may not like the domain any longer. Therefore, you can wish to rebrand with a different name. In this case, you can obtain a shorter and more catchy domain name; it will appeal to your customers more than ever. You need to plan well to ensure that your current ranking in Google search engine results is less affected due to domain name change. You can see the details of How to Change the Domain Name in our article.

There are a few stages you need to follow when you want to change your domain name.

  1. Log in to your hosting account
  2. Click on domain control panel settings and the website builder icon
  3. You will see the domain name you want to change, click on ‘Options.’
  4. A menu will open; click on ‘Change Domain.’
  5. Select the domain you want to use for your website and then click ‘apply.’
  6. The website builder manager will show up; it provides to make updates on the webpage
  7. Tap ‘Save and Publish your site.’
  8. You will see a popup asking, “Are you certain?” Tap ‘Yes’

 Finally, you got your answer about how to change the domain name

Change the Domain Name

The Difference Between Domain Change and Transfer 

The changing domain is entirely free. You should change it from the registrar where you bought your domain. On the other side, you have to pay a fee for transferring a domain. When you transfer your domain, you carry it from one registrar to another one.

Transferring the SERP Positioning

SERP, Search Engine Results Page, is the result list that seems when you type and search for any word on Google or any search engine. Here are some tips to maximize your search engine positioning in other search engines, including Google;

  • Re-optimize your current content: Make sure that your existing content, especially on the first pages, is entirely optimized for SEO.
  • Optimize for organic CTR: Google applies CTR; it is an organic click-through rate to determine which results are extremely relevant.
  • Obtain more than one results for the same keyword: It is a developed SEO strategy.
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301 redirect: It allows the old URL to be permanently redirected to a new and different URL, and the most commonly preferred is 301 redirect. It offers a way to direct both users and search engines to a different URL from the old one.

How to Change the Domain Name In Short

You can easily change your domain name whenever you want. To do this, you may have some reasons. For instance, you may want to rebrand with additional services or products, or your dream domain name may be ready for you.

Frequently Asked Questions How to Change the Domain Name

Does domain name length matter?

Yes, you need to chose not only an effective but also brief domain name. It will increase the chances of memorability.

Can you permanently buy a domain name?

Unfortunately, not. You can not buy a domain name permanently.

What can you do if the domain name you wish to use is taken?

You can offer to buy the name from its current owner or choose a different domain name. Moreover, if you have enough time, you can wait for it.

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