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Google SEO Tools

google seo tools

Google SEO Tools are handy for tracking rankings or conducting keyword research. You can get valuable insights about your competition and the results of your efforts. These tools help website owners to rank higher in search results. So you can optimize web content by analyzing SEO considerations such as content for keywords and backlinks. They investigate the potential of web pages for higher rankings in search engines. In this article, we will discuss the best Google SEO tools. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the tools whose value is not known enough among google seo tools. It is a web analytics service that provides the best analytical tools and statistics for SEO and marketing processes. It is commonly used to collect visitor insights and to track website performance. This is how organizations can determine top sources of user traffic and obtain other information about visitors. As a result, website owners can obtain information about visitors. These are the main features of Google Analytics that help to understand how visitors engage with websites:

· Data filtering, funnel analysis, and manipulation.

· Monitoring tools and data visualization. 

· Segmentation for analysis of subsets.

· Communication and sharing via email.

· Predictive Analytics.

Many types of Google Analytics help collect information about web traffic, visitor demands, and website search optimization. To perform Google Analytics, first, you need to measure a website. When the measurement code collects data and information, it packages and sends it to Google Analytics to process into reports. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the free Google SEO Tools out there. It is a free service from Google that helps troubleshoot and monitor a website’s appearance in search engine results. You can use it to fix technical issues, backlinks, submit stamps, and more. It is a collection of reports and tools that allows web admins to monitor, improve and manage their websites. It is important to get information about the website and its visitors. So Google Search Console can make website optimization easier. These are steps to follow to access:

1. Sign in to your Google account

2. Open Google Search Console

3. Add your website as a property to GSC

4. Verify your account with an HTML tag and file. 

pagespeed insights

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a free tool that gives large information about the loading speed of webpages. This SEO tool developed by Google measures the loading speed of a webpage on desktop and mobile. It offers root cause analysis and solutions for website owners with low-speed loading websites. So users can improve their SEO and loading speed accordingly. Because just like keywords and meta description, speed is an important part of SEO. It is an inseparable feature that both website owners and customers need. Website owners have to strive to improve their websites’ loading times. Because page speed affects SEO, it is a direct ranking factor on Google. It can also impact session time and bounce rate on a site, affecting SEO.

When Google analyzes website URLs, it gives a score of 100. It is based on best practices for performance optimization that can provide the best user experience. You can follow these kinds of steps to improve speed and performance:

· Reduce JavaScript execution time

· Remove unused CSS

· Postpone off-screen images

It is calculated by Google’s open-source tool called Lighthouse. 


Google Lighthouse is a free, open-source tool that assists with the improvement of your website’s speed, overall experience, and performance. When you generate Lighthouse reports, it is very easy to enhance the quality of your webpage. You can run this tool using a Node Module, Chrome DevTools, a Web User Interface, and a Chrome Extension. After you submit a URL to an automated tool, it will build a detailed report about page performance. So website owners can use these suggestions to improve their websites. This is one of the Google SEO Tools that for both developers and website owners. The Lighthouse report has five categories: SEO, Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and Progressive Web App. 

You can use Google Lighthouse with and Chrome dev Tools. 

test my site

Test My Site

This is a no-charge Google SEO tool that accesses the speed of a mobile site and gives suggestions to enhance the mobile site experience. It uses data from Lighthouse to offer custom recommendations that can help to improve page speed. It considers what matters to customers. This tool is intended to help start the conversation with technical teams to build an optimization plan. Both marketers and developers can use it. The personalized report includes sections for each audience with the next steps. 

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Developers and marketers can use this tool to check the speed of a mobile site. So they can understand the performance of a mobile site.

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the free Google SEO tools that analyzes the popularity of Google search terms. It uses real-time data to show users what visitors search for in an impacted location, season, and time. You can use five practical ways to leverage it for your content strategy.  

1. Monitor your competitors. Use Google Trends to see how your brand stands up to the competition.

2. Optimize local SEO strategy. Google Trends allows users to view keyword popularity worldwide.

3. Be aware of seasonal trends. A seasonal trend is a trend that usually comes around a specific holiday. So you need to search trends in Google to find out what date to start advertising.

4. Current trending topics. When you find current trending topics, you can plan out content and stay relevant as a brand.

5. Optimize your SEO strategies. There are many ways to leverage data from Google Trends for content building. 

Safe Browsing Test

Google crawls billions of pages to check for malware. So this tool reports if there is any malware on a site. It also provides a date for the last time the site was checked for malware. Using this tool is very important since website security quickly becomes an SEO problem when Google starts dropping URLs from indexes. That is why website security must be a part of SEO. Failure to secure a site can affect search visibility. In short, Safe Browsing Test examines billions of URLs daily to find unsafe websites. So it shows warnings on Google Search. 

mobile friendly test

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

If you have a mobile-optimized site, you can reach more customers in a short amount of time. A mobile-friendly site will ensure your site looks relevant and up to date. It will increase customer satisfaction if your site is easy to navigate on a mobile device or smartphone. So it will bring higher traffic and more conversions. These tools test how users can easily access and navigate the site’s pages from a mobile device. All web pages must look in a vertical format.  


In this article, we discussed the best Google SEO Tools that will help to test your site’s SEO, speed, and other parts. If you use these tools to try the site’s performance and fix some issues, your website will rank higher on search rankings and attract more visitors. When you track rankings and get valuable insights, you decide what to do next to increase a website’s performance. Otherwise, there will be SEO failures that will result in decreasing your site’s visibility and status. In addition to these tools, you may also want to learn about the best seo tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Google tool can be used for SEO?

Google Analytics is one of the best free SEO tools to collect data about how visitors engage with websites and content.

Are there any free SEO tools on Google?

Google’s SEO tools are great choices to start with. These SEO tools are generally unlimited and free to use. They harness the accurate and comprehensive source of data.

What is the most effective SEO tool today?

The best SEO tools today are Ahrefs, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Moz Pro, KWFinder, Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, SpyFu, and others.

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