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What Are Long Tail Keywords? How To Use Them?

What Are Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords usually consist of three or five words. With these three- or five-word phrases, specific niche demographics are targeted. With long-tail keywords, it is possible to better reflect users’ queries. In addition, by design, they lag behind the competition compared to general keywords. Thanks to long tail keywords, it will be possible to provide high-quality traffic for websites. It is also highly likely to lead to transformations in this regard.

  • Long-tail keywords become important as users develop. For example, users perform a simple search. However, in the future, thanks to the referrals of search engines, users advance their searches in a more detailed way. In this way, it will be time to use long-tail keywords that will help your brand get away from the competition.

If you want to use long-tail keywords for your sites, you can access the details in the rest of the article. All the details for you are below. With the information you will learn in the article, you will be able to start using long-tail keywords for your site in the most correct way.

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords for SEO

Today, most of the users’ search queries are made with long-tail keywords. This situation is more prominent, especially for users who prefer voice search. Choosing long-tail keywords will make the content more professional due to the natural language people prefer. With the users who will turn to your content, an increase in your customers will also be possible.

  • The reason long tail keywords are specific is that they consist of a few words. In this way, users and site owners will have better results. Brands will encounter consistent traffic thanks to users using long-tail keywords. The targeted compliance will be achieved with the orientation of new customers to the site. It will also help to make customers happy when they encounter content following their goals.
  • You should not forget to pay attention to originality when choosing long-tail keywords. If you customize the keyword phrases, it is also possible to highlight the quality of your brand.
importance of long tail keywords

Explore Examples of Long Tail Keywords

Adhering to the content topics you create on your site, you will need to choose long-tail keywords for these topics. Therefore, you will need to optimize your site for keywords. But it is not quite right to do this on every page. So a working list of keywords would make sense to you.

  • If you are looking for traffic that will be local, you should choose a long-tail keyword for it. You can use the term “Near Me” for the customers you want to attract locally. In this way, users will be able to see your ranking in a better position when they perform long-tail keyword searches. When customers see you in the top row, they will move forward with a focus on shopping from you.

Use of Long Tail Keywords

If you’re wondering how to use long-tail keywords, the most important point is not to try to optimize a single piece of content for long-tail variations. Instead, it would make more sense to optimize pages for phrases in the middle of the keyword graph. In this way, it will be possible to increase competitiveness and facilitate optimization.

  • You should first research which phrases are popular collectively. In this way, you can group your long-tail keywords to have similar variables.
  • You will then also need to identify the highest volume phrases in each group. After this step, you should enable search engines to better describe and understand your page. To do this, you should be careful to use the terms in your page copy and internal and backlinks. As you will encounter backlinks, you will provide richer details for your page. You will also have the chance to reduce the optimized link text.
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Thanks to these usage patterns, you can use long-tail keywords correctly for your site. But you should be careful about Keyword Stuffing topic.


Long-tail keywords are included in the SEO strategy. Especially, thanks to long-tail keywords, Google content is better understood. These keywords have an important place in obtaining increasing traffic through micro-optimization. For this reason, you should put your users first and take care to optimize your content correctly. You should avoid using long-tail keywords that will harm the user’s experience. Your priority should be to choose keywords that will improve search intent, increase relevance, and create links for your target audience from your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Long-Tail Keywords

As you read in the article, you have had detailed information about long-tail keywords. You may also have questions about this topic. That’s why we’ve created a frequently asked questions section below for you. In this section, you may find answers to your questions. You can start the review.

What is the Benefit of Using Long-Tail Keywords?

It is possible to improve the ranking of sites through the use of long-tail keywords. People usually care about using phrases in search engines. For this reason, the presence of long-tail keywords, which are among the phrases, in the content will help you position yourself in the top positions.

Are Long Tail Keywords Important for SEO?

Thanks to long-tail keywords aimed at customers, it becomes easier for users to reach the product they want. It is satisfying for the users to reach the product with the search they want. In this way, customers turn more toward the brand. You should take care to use long-tail keywords, which are important for SEO, correctly for products.

How Should the Research for Your Long-Tail Keywords Be?

You should conduct product research for your keywords. By using keyword technology applications, you can ensure that the right words are detected for you. After these provided keywords, you can also analyze your customers, traffic, and participation rates. Once you determine the success of your long-tail keywords, you can continue to work on using more keywords. Performing a long-tailed key study for the products that will highlight your store will help you get effective results for you.

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