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What Are Backlinks in SEO? (& Getting Them)

What Are Backlinks in SEO

If you are interested in SEO, you must have heard of backlinks. They are a part of an SEO strategy. Backlinks are an element in SEO, such as quality content, site speed, and technical aspects of SEO. An SEO campaign or strategy would not be complete without any of these elements. That is why backlinks are equally important. Yet, what are backlinks in SEO and What do they add to an SEO strategy? 

Backlinks are your website’s referral links. They are like references in your CV. The stronger they are, the more chances you get. That is why everyone interested to increase their website’s rankings is after good quality backlinks. Although getting backlinks, which is a part of link building, is one of the ranking factors, having backlinks is not enough. You should have high quality backlinks from authority sites.

SEO Link Building

Backlinks are a part of the link building strategy in SEO. Link building, especially backlinks, are crucial for search engines. Because when Google and other search engines crawl your website, they can determine how to rank you on the results page. So, the quality of your backlinks is important, according to that. Backlinks may vary in themselves. You can add internal links, external links, dofollow, and nofollow links to your site.

Having backlinks on your website is important; however, your backlinks’ quality is more important than the number of backlinks you have. So, how can you get good quality backlinks?

How to Get Backlinks

How to Get Good Backlinks in SEO

Getting backlinks is possible in several ways. If you want to get some high-quality backlinks to your website, follow these popular ways to do so:

  • Guest posting is one of the most common ways to get backlinks. As a site owner, you can invite others to write a blog post on your site, and you can do the same for others. You can do it in exchange for backlinks.
  • Analyze your competitors with professional SEO tools and see what kind of backlinks your rivals are using.
  • You can use the power of advertisements to get backlinks. With ads, you can increase your site’s visibility, and it would be easier for you to get more high authority links.
  • In another way, you can try to buy backlinks. Yet, keep in mind that not all links are of good quality. Some are harmful.
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FAQs About What Are Backlinks in SEO?

What kind of backlinks should I get?

It depends on your website content. For example, if your content is about education, you can get edu backlinks.

Why do I need backlinks?

Backlinks are necessary and a ranking factor for search engines. When search engines crawl your site, they find your backlinks and rank you due to their authority.

What are natural backlinks?

They are the links that you get organically. If you have high-quality content, you can get natural backlinks.


We have covered what backlinks are and how to get them. These links are like the referrals for your website. With higher quality links, you get a higher chance to rank better in search engine results pages.

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