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What Are The Reasons For Failing in SEO?

what are the reasons for failing in seo

SEO is one of the most effective ways of marketing your website and its content. But sometimes, you may have some difficulties and SEO fails that block you from organic search traffic. If you are not getting any results from your SEO efforts, first, you need to know the reasons for failure and figure out which ones require correction to boost your SEO. So in this article, we will explain the main reasons for failing in SEO. 

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is the First reason of Failing in SEO Problem. If you are stuffing keywords, it can destroy your search engine optimization. This is a method of using keywords many times in a webpage to have a high ranking on search engines. There are many types of this method that affect your SEO:

  • Adding keywords that are not related to the original content
  • Writing the same keywords many times
  • Using unrelated keywords to the topic

In order to prevent Failing in SEO, it is important to add valuable content for the visitors. Try to avoid using unrelated keywords to achieve high rankings because it will destroy your SEO and decrease the value of the website. Keywords must be related to your content. It is good to have your keyword density 1-1.5%. Just add them to headings, page titles, and meta descriptions. You can click to get more detailed information about Keyword Stuffing.

user experice ux

User Experience

User experience is all about building a user-centric web experience. It optimizes how users interact with your website. Well-built UX design helps you to engage with users and help them to find what they are looking for. If you focus on improving user experience, you will get the results on search rankings because Google will rank you higher if you make the user happy. 

It is very important for SEO since UX impacts the content quality that searchers and visitors experience because the Google algorithm picks up UX elements. Also, they tie them to ranking factors. So the usability of the site can make or break technical SEO. Sites with strong UX will have the best performance on SERPs. Because if the user experience is low, it will result in SEO failure. 

Low-Quality Backlinks

Your backlinks are very important to let know the search engines like Google to determine your website’s authority compared to competitors. The search engines can consider your site as an authority in your niche when the owner gets links from high authority websites. It is important to take votes from credible individuals. It will help to increase your credibility. But if you have low-quality links from low-authority sites, search engines will think negatively about your website. These kinds of backlinks come from solely focused websites on building links. It is much better not to have hundreds of low-quality links but to have zero links. You can use Google Search Console to find out whether your site has bad backlinks. You can find harmful backlinks by figuring out the websites looking to your site, whether the link provides value and if there are pages like Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and About Us. 

In order to solve this, you have to remove irrelevant and low-quality links to maintain the site’s credibility and authority. You can use Disavow tool of Google Search Console to remove the link. If there is a failure again, contact the website owner to request the removal.  

competitive keywords

Competitive Keywords

It is important to be realistic when choosing keywords that will help to rank your website. If you are using keywords that other top brands are ranking for, there is a high possibility that you will not rank for them only if you have an SEO budget! Because you need to spend a lot to retain top rankings. So as a solution, you need to choose phrases and keywords that have a decent number of searches per month. The phrases must be relevant to your products and have the potential to attract paying customers, especially to convert visitors to customers.

Keyword Analysis

It is a process of analyzing keywords that bring new visitors and attract paying customers to your website. It is a starting point of search marketing campaigns. In order to prevent failure in SEO, you need to analyze your keywords perfectly. You cannot use common keywords or have the same keywords multiple times. Also, competitive keywords may have a bad effect on your SEO strategy since other high-level websites are ranked above. You need to have unique and relevant keywords to your content that visitors tend to search for. So it will bring new customers through organic search. 

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Page Loading Time

If your webpage takes time to load, there is a high possibility that your SEO will be unsuccessful. Because Google announced that page loading time is an important factor in ranking web pages so search results will show the fastest loading websites. Because it is not only good for visitors, but for search engines like Google too. Google needs to allocate more resources and consume bandwidth for a slow website. 

Poor user experience hurts SEO efforts. Because if you spend thousands on SEO and ignore site loading speed, it will end up with the loss of potential customers. If your website takes time, visitors will press the Back button and use the competitor’s website. 

It is important to know the basic knowledge of how to speed up your website. It is a technical process. For example, you can do these things if you are using WordPress:

  • Reduce image sizes with the help of tools such as TinyJPG and TinyPNG
  • Remove and deactivate unused plugins
  • Compress JavaScript and CSS files
  • Validate HTML and CSS
mobile friendly website

Responsiveness on Mobile Devices

If your website is not responsive on mobile devices, it will result in SEO strategy failure because responsive design is a trend in the design industry of websites. Businesses must have highly responsive websites since Google focuses on mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor. Mobile-first index is highly in demand. It has announced that they prefer sites that offer a perfect user experience. So it means that Google indirectly focuses on responsive websites. Because you will lose millions of customers that are using smartphones and tablets. According to 2021 stats, mobile devices have a 57,23% market share of internet usage. Because of all this, your website should be mobile friendly website.

So the first thing to do is to hire website developers to fix this problem. Do not ignore the importance of responsive web design. 

Too much Duplicate Content

This is one of the common issues that website owners face. If your SEO isn’t working, there is a high chance that it is mainly because of duplicate content. Because in this process, Google’s search algorithm doesn’t know which pages to prioritize. It can result in your own content competing with itself. You need to perform and audit to identify duplicate content. So the removal of this content will make your page unique and original.  

From Google’s perspective, websites with duplicate content don’t have any value. Because it uses duplicate content as a ranking factor, that is why you need to fix duplicate content on your site because it damages your SEO. 

Conclusion on Failing in SEO

In this article, we explained the main reasons for failing in SEO with the most common current reasons and gave advice for solutions. Strategical failing at SEO is the result of things such as low-speed sites, poor user experience, keyword stuffing, low-quality backlinks, and duplicate content. These reasons must be fixed to boost SEO performance and attract new visitors in order to convert them to paying customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Failing in SEO

What are the most known SEO mistakes?

There are many common SEO mistakes that damage your ranking on search engines, such as slow site speed, keyword issues, duplicate content, poor user experience, lack of optimization for mobile devices, and low-quality backlinks.

What is a broken link in SEO?

A broken link is a link that does not lead to anything or has no object. It results in SEO failure since it doesn’t have any content. It doesn’t show webpages as well.

What is the most important thing in SEO?

Page speed and keywords are known as the most effective parts of SEO. You need to use keywords perfectly and build fast-loading sites. Otherwise, it will result in SEO failure.

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