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Keyword Rank Checker Tools: A Detailed List

keyword rank checker

If you learned about Search Engine Optimization(SEO), you would definitely understand the importance of Keywords. Also, using a keyword rank checker correctly will increase the chances for your content to feature among the best. 

On every social platform like Instagram, Facebook, and Google, Keywords help users to be highly ranked on the search tabs. Today, there are many ways by which you can check the position and the engagement of your keyword. Keyword ranking can be checked manually just by entering queries into your search engine. However, this can be time-consuming and less accurate. Fortunately, there are awesome that do this task easily.

Keyword Rank Checker Tools 

If you have a business or if you are a creator, a content marketing strategy will be of high use. Nevertheless, one of the best strategies is the use of keywords rank checker tools. These tools will save you time and will help you detect search trends to be able to recognize what your target market demands. In addition, it will also show you which marketing strategy works and which one don’t. Below we compiled the best keyword rank checker tools.

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Accuranker
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Moz Rank Tracker
  • Authority Labs
  • Serpstat
  • SEO Profiler
  • Seobility
  • WooRank


SEMRUSH is an amazing keyword rank checker tool, it is our first recommendation, and below we outlined some crucial features about this tool. 

  • Has always been on top among rank checking tools. SEMRUSH is a comprehensive Statistical Analysis System (SAS) platform that cares to provide marketers with insights and data to power up their online visibility strategy. 
  • Mostly used by small and medium businesses, bloggers, and social media strategists. 
  • Will help you access the best-performing pages, content, and keywords using robust metrics.
  •  An excellent tool that helps a lot of e-commerce stores and websites owners in understanding the SEO strategies of their competitors. 
  • SEMRUSH comes with a 7-Day free trial and costs around $100 for the pro plan and $400 for agencies. SEMRUSH is the best keyword rank checker tool. The only problem comes with its high price with advanced features.  


If you have knowledge of how to use computers, Ahrefs will be the best choice for you. In the lines below, we outlined some important features of this tool. 

  • If you can’t use SEMRUSH, Ahrefs will be the second keyword ranking tool. 
  • Ahrefs is mostly used in synchrony with other ranking tools since it focuses more on backlinks. 
  • Moreover, you’ll see the external links your completion is using, their top pages, and their IPs. 
  • Also, Ahrefs offers excellent support on how to use the tool; it is very easy and simple to use. 
  • Nevertheless, Ahrefs has a limited free version; it is recommended to use the $82 monthly package and $400 for Agencies. 
  • Ahrefs has so many other amazing features; one of its top functions is that it automatically finds keywords your site is ranking on. 
  • In addition, you will be able to choose any country’s Search engine you want. However, Ahrefs is a little bit expensive to afford and loads slowly. 


AccuRanker is an incredible tool that allows you to track the position of up to one hundred thousand keywords. This is due to the integration of tools like Google search console and Google analytics. 

  • Moreover, the user here can receive insightful and comprehensive data for every keyword. One of the best features of AccuRanker is that it allows you to compare keyword rankings to your top 10 competitors. 
  • Also, your rankings are updated every day; hence the data you get is always fresh and new. 
  • Additionally, AccuRanker doesn’t limit the number of domains the user would like to track. 
  • AccuRanker is suitable for large enterprises since they have enough money to afford this tool. 
  • AccuRnaker has a 14day free trial, a monthly package of $50 for 500 keywords and $2500 for 100,000 keywords. 
  • Everything in the world has pros and cons; AccuRanker’s cons come with its price and limited keyword tracking. 
advanced web ranking

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a well-developed tool mostly used by professionals. Additionally, it has a lot of amazing features.

  •  This tool offers precise rankings in more than one hundred and thirty countries and twenty-two search engines. It is also known that with this tool, tracking of location-specific is allowed. 
  • This tool compares its ranking performance with other competitors and can record SERP features.
  •  Advanced Web Ranking updates ranking daily, ensuring that the data remains fresh.
  •  Just like AccuRanker, it is set up with Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration. 
  • Concerning, the price it has a trial period of 30days and a monthly package of around $50 and $500 for agencies. This tool can be difficult to use at the start due to its complexity. 
moz rank checker

Moz Rank Tracker

MOZ is one of the best rank checking tools that is still used strongly in the industry. It has so many features, from backlinks analysis to rank tracking and keyword search. 

  • MOZ is suitable for boosting website traffic, keyword research, and page optimization. 
  • Some of the cons of Moz are that it does not explore many keywords, and the database is only available in the US. 
  • MOZ has a 30-Day free trial and a monthly package of around $100 and $600 for agencies. 
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authority labs

Authority Labs

Authority labs is another amazing keyword checker tool that was developed to be used easily as a rank tracking application. It has so many features.

  • Most importantly is its ability to track keywords on a daily basis for many search engines like Google and Bing.
  •  Authority labs also permit users to track keyword ranking on a local basis and compare it with its competitor’s results.
  •  This keyword rank tool has a 30-day free trial and a monthly package of $49-$450, depending on whether you are a consultant or an agency. 


This tool will bring your content to another, from keyword tracking to Pay Per Click (PPC) analysis. Its features are outstanding. 

  • Serpstat is considered a “must-have” for every digital marketer. 
  • Serpstat allows the user to optimize their SEO, run ads, and produce content marketing campaigns.
  •  In addition, this tool will help you in searching keywords, PPC analysis, and competitor research. 
  • Serpstat comes with a dashboard that is simple and easy to use. This tool will help you to constantly check and keep track of competitor’s backlinks. 
  • Nevertheless, Serpstat is a little bit slow; when using this tool, you have to be patient. This tool also offers a 30-Day free trial and a monthly package of around $70 and $500 for agencies. 

SEO Profiler

SEO profiler is one of the best choices. This tool provides much more than just keyword tracking. 

  • It is very easy to use, and it integrates Google Analytics. 
  • SEO profiler can be very similar to the other tracking tools, but it has two principal and unique features. Firstly, it will keep constant tabs on your significant competitors using keywords to rank well. Secondly, it will always inform you about important keywords opportunities.
  •  Knowing the opportunities of a keyword will give you so many advantages; these advantages could not be as fast but will rise in popularity in the long run.
  •  This tool offers a 30-Day free trial and usually costs around $70/month.


This is an SEO/Rank checking tool that allows the users to improve their rankings using SEO techniques. For this reason, using this tool will increase your website visibility and increase your sales.  

  •  Seobility enables digital marketers with features like daily updates and link-building tools to improve their position on search engine rankings. 
  • However, although it is a wonderful app, it can sometimes be confusing for new users. This tool has a 30-day free trial and a monthly package of around $50 premium plan and $200 for Agencies. 


Just as the other keyword rank checking tools mentioned above, WooRank offers similar services. We mentioned its features below. 

  • WooRank is a popular SEO strategy checker and automatic website review tool.
  •  It offers users with sufficient amount of useful data that is used to increase to improve traffic on websites and increase sales.
  •  However, the main feature of WooRank is to track keywords and explore competitor keyword rankings.
  •  Additionally, it is used to fix Certains errors in websites and eliminate any duplicated content.
  •  It comes with a 14day free trial and costs around $180 premium and $250 for agencies. 

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FAQs About Keyword Rank Checker Tools

When can you start seeing the effects of Rank checking tools?

It can take up to 3-6 months to see the fruits of your effort start ripening.

How much can you spend on rank checker tools?

Rank checker tools usually come with free trials and cost on average around $100/month. 

Keyword rank checker tools are effective?

Yes, they are very effective. As long as you use them correctly, they will be effective and worthy. 

What is the best keyword rank checker tool?

All of them are amazing, but the one we recommend is SEMRUSH. It is simple to use and developed for every kind of enterprise. 

Is SEO important for business owners?

Yes, it is very important as it positions your website on top of search engine tabs hence increasing traffic on your site.

Keyword Rank Checker Tools in Short

In conclusion, if you are new to digital marketing, keyword rank checker tools will definitely help you increase your rank and consequently increase your sales increasing your revenue. However, it will take some time to see positive results. You have to put in so much effort and be patient. Most of the tools mentioned above come with free trial versions giving you the opportunity to get familiar and select which tool suits you best. Nevertheless, you will have to pay as soon as the trial version is over. 

The ease to use, price, and features of the tools were mentioned above. Also, the cons and pros of these tools were taken into consideration.

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