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Rank Math vs Yoast

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which one is better rank math vs yoast

Rank Math SEO and Yoast SEO are website owners’ most common SEO tools. While Yoast SEO is an old plugin, Rank Math is new in the market. Some users worry about whether it is safe or not. Don’t worry! It has built up a good reputation over the years. Users choose these plugins according to their needs. There are many differences between these two; they are used for different purposes and by different website owners. In this article we will talk about Rank math vs Yoast.

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is a free WordPress plugin with many features that optimize the website for search engines like Google. Its features include rich snippets, schema markup support, a 404 error checker, robots.txt editing, and WordPress breadcrumbs. You can follow these steps to configure Rank Math:

1. Install the plugin

2. Connect to the plugin

3. Setup Wizard

4. Import Data

Rank Math plugin is very similar to other WordPress plugins. It helps to boost your SEO and attract more visitors. It is a plugin that integrates your data into one analytical system, making data monitoring easy. It combines a data integration system with a Google search console. 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress Plugin that improves your website’s ranking in search engines. So you can optimize your site’s content and keywords by using this plugin. It is mostly an automated plugin but still requires some planning and input. It analyzes the page’s content, provides suggestions for improvements, and gives the scores and ideas to improve SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin has many features, including focus KeyPhrase, Google Preview, social media, and readability. 

Also, we can mention full packed features such as:

· Automated technical SEO improvements

· Meta description templating

· Control over site breadcrumbs

· integration

· Faster loading times

· SEO analysis

· Full language support 

In order to set up this plugin, you need to install and activate it. Yoast SEO will help your website’s appearance on the front page of search engine results. 

differences between rank math and yoast

Differences Between Rank Math and Yoast

Keyword Analysis

With the Rank Math vs Yoast comparison, Rank Math offers some recommendations for optimizing individual keywords. But these are only general SEO recommendations. For example, it shows keyword density. Plugins assume that you know which keyword to optimize when they choose a focus keyword. Yoast is one step further in this aspect. For example, if you activate SEMRush integration in the plugin, you will receive ideas for additional keywords.

On the other hand, the keyword analysis of Rank Math is oriented towards Yoast SEO. It also goes a different way than Yoast in keyword research. This one handles all! Because in this situation, Rank Math offers the Content Al feature based on credits. 

So we can say that general recommendation are identical for both plugins. Also, the Rank Math interface has the edge and is more beginner-friendly.

Speed Optimization

Just like content, speed is very important for search engine optimization. You can push your user experience even further with speed optimization. In the Rank Math vs Yoast comparison, both of them hardly point out optimization loading times. Rank Math analysis has some hints hidden in the tab. You can see the PageSpeed value of each WordPress site in the premium versions. In this aspect, Rank Math has the first step in the right direction. 

Structured Data

Yoast is the first plugin that automatically generates structured data as a single graph. But on the technical side, both SEO plugins automatically implement in the background. Each of them scans posts and structured data for images and headlines. It is almost identical in both plugins. The only difference is that they have different numbers of schema elements. 

The solutions of both plugins are technically correct. However, Yoast is known as a more sensible solution. But Yoast doesn’t support all rich snippets. Also, additional extensions for structured data requires dearly pay. Rank Math has another point ahead of Yoast. Huge numbers of schema types are supported on Rank Math. 

Redirects and 404 Errors

Redirects are very important in search engine optimization. They tell search engines about happenings on a website. If URLs change, you don’t tell search engines where to find them. Especially new users delete or change URLs regularly. This is why it is strange that Yoast offers this function only in the premium version.

On the other hand, Rank Math offers this function in the free version. Both plugins build automatic redirects when you change the URL of a category. But again, Yoast offers it in a premium version. Rank Math has an additional extension known as 404 Monitor. It detects when bots and users call non-existent URLs. 

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Google Search Console

Google search console is one of the most important SEO tools for website owners for monitoring tasks such as completing website insights, site indexing, and page-keyword performance. In this case, Rank Math lets you use an SEO dashboard for monitoring search console reports. Then it can fetch and display the information. On the other hand, Yoast SEO helps with webmaster site verification. But you can’t see Search Console records in WordPress. As a winner, we can consider that Rank Math is the right choice to keep tabs on Search Console and not to go to the web admin tools account daily. 


Pricing is one of the important points in Rank Math vs Yoast. Rank Math has two premium plans: the Pro plan and the Business plan. A Pro plan can be used to track up to 500 keywords, and a Business plan can track up to 10000. It can be used on an unlimited number of personal sites and clients.

On the other hand, Yoast has two types of pro offerings: ‘Core premium plugin’ and ‘Four premium extensions’. The first one can target multiple keywords at the same time. In the second one, extensions are tailored for a specific type of search engine optimization. 

which one is better for seo

Which one is Better for SEO?

This two plugin are very effective to improve your SEO. But Rank Math is a clear winner for Rank Math vs Yoast for SEO. Suppose it offers more choices than Yoast SEO. Also, it is very useful for SEO specialists who go deeper into content optimization and analytics. On the other hand, Yoast SEO is a better plugin for beginners that will help to optimize content for focus keywords and write better posts. Both of these plugins optimize your pages for a focus keyword.

Both Rank Math and Yoast SEO are easy to use. But Rank Math comes with two modes: easy and advanced. The first one is easy for beginners. 

In conclusion, we can say that both plugins are impressive. But if you are a power user, you can use Rank Math because it has perfect features that other plugins don’t offer. For example: 

· Monitor 404 errors.

· Full control over redirects.

· Unlimited keywords.

· Advanced customer fields.

· Generating schemas. Especially highly customized.

You can install and use all of these for free. However, Yoast is a good choice if you need a basic SEO plugin. The free version is enough to optimize content for your website. On the other hand, Rank Math has a better interface that offers automation of most tasks without high-level knowledge about SEO. 

To sum up, if we collect all information, Rank Math is a winner regarding features, keywords, pricing, etc. 

You can click on the PDF link to browse the helpful document we prepared about Rank Math vs Yoast.

Conclusion on Rank Math vs Yoast

This article explains the differences between Rank Math and Yoast SEO. According to the Rank Math vs Yoast, Rank Math is a clear winner because it offers tons of features for affordable prices. Areas like keyword analysis, structured data, speed optimization, and redirects help optimize the website for search engines like Google. Both of these plugins are trusted by millions of website owners. Overall, both of these are high-level plugins and very effective for SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between Rank Math and Yoast SEO?

Rank Math offers lots of choices and features for free and at affordable prices. On the other hand, Yoast SEO offers quite limited features and high prices.

Is Rank Math better for SEO?

Rank Math is a good choice for SEO. This plugin will help boost your SEO and attract more visitors by offering a huge number of features.

Can I have two SEO plugins for my WordPress?

You never want to use more than one SEO plugin. Because you need to avoid plugin conflict, rank Math and Yoast SEO are top choices. You can choose one of these plugins depending on your needs.

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